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Is Canada's Flu Season Getting Progressively Worse?

Adjusting Perspective on the Trends of Illness

Pharmacies are stocking the shelves with tissue and advertising appointments for shots, making it painfully clear that the flu season is upon us once more. This dreaded season has hit Canada early and hard this year, leaving many people wondering whether or not the flu is getting progressively worse in Canada and in some parts of Europe. In order to answer this question, residents must look at the big picture and not simply rely on recent memory.

The Numbers are Going Up

Central Canada has been hit especially hard, and the speculation as to whether the worst of the illness is still in the future is still inconclusive, according to the Public Health Agency of Canada. Quebec and Ontario were the areas that suffered from the highest number of cases and most severe outbreaks. The numbers are what have residents worried. Cases confirmed in labs reflect numbers in excess of 3,000 cases. The number only reached just over 1,800 cases in 2011. Prior to that year, the number was only 109. There see (Read More)....

Top Tips for Buying Health Goods Online

Shopping online has become accepted as the norm for most people. However, when it comes to buying health goods like medicine and first aid supplies, strict shopping practices should be applied. The reality is, when purchasing things like TVs, jewelry, or countless other items, even if the received product is defective, the worst case scenario may result in a need for a refund.

In comparison, receiving poor quality health goods could have harmful and long-lasting results. In fact, using second-rate first aid supplies, medicine, and other health-related items could be detrimental to your health.

Fortunately, there are some ways to protect yourself from this. The top tips are listed below.

Tip 1 – Buy from a Reliable Company

One of the first things to check is how long the company has been in business. Some online medical supply sites have been around since the '90s and others started five or 10 years ago. These stores have histories that can be researched. It is not difficult to determine if health companies are growing if they are new, or if they are on the verge of going under.

Brand-new companies may not have been in business long enough to develop a consistent history of growth. Their reputation and brand is based on relatively new data, which in some case (Read More)....

A Brief History Of Smallpox

Smallpox, an extremely infectious disease caused by one of two varieties of virus, was a serious worldwide medical concern until its elimination by vaccination. Over the span of human history, the presence of smallpox has waxed and waned, leaving in its wake outbreaks of the virus which, at times, reached pandemic proportions. While smallpox is not always a fatal illness, every variety has the potential to be fatal. As late as the mid 1900s, even individuals living in first world countries were routinely immunized against the destructive virus, a vaccination which leaves a distinctive circular scar. Smallpox is no longer a serious threat, but it has an extensive history and has made its mark on humankind.

The History of Smallpox

It is estimated that the presence of virus variants Variola major and Variola minor, the variants responsible for smallpox, were first observed in humans circa 10,000 BC. The first historical evidence of a smallpox case that was conclusively observed was done so when examining the remains of the Pharaoh Ramses V. The virus took the lives of over four hundred thousand Europeans per year as the conclusion of the 18th century neared, and was the third leading cause of vision loss. Adults who contracted the disease during this time had as much as a 60% chance of loss of life, (Read More)....

Norovirus Dos and Don’ts

The Norovirus is a stomach bug that is spreading like wildfire this season. Also called GII.4 Sydney, the illness can cause violent vomiting, diarrhea and stomach cramps and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) “Each year, norovirus leads to about 21 million illnesses, 70,000 hospitalizations and 800 deaths”. It typically lasts two to three days.

What can you do if you get norovirus? Well, the first thing you should do is to stay hydrated. Dehydration is the biggest danger with this virus because of the huge amounts of water lost during vomiting and diarrhea. Drinking water or fluid replacement drinks like sports drinks or nutrition aides will help your body to get the water and other essential nutrients it needs to function. If you are too nauseated to drink, suck on a popsicle or even an ice cube. Whatever it takes to keep hydrated.

Once you are feeling a little less nauseated you should try foods carefully. Avoid greasy foods or things that are hard for your body to digest like nuts. Instead stick to clear broths, Jell-O, or even cheerios. These foods are easy on your stomach and usually can be kept down without a problem.

To avoid re infection wash often. You should wash your hands regularly with antibacterial and antiviral soap, especially after vomiting or using the restroom. Make sure you wash under (Read More)....

5 Reasons You Should Check Out Your Physician's Online Reputation

Before deciding on a new physician, it’s wise to do an online search to learn more about the physician and what kind of reputation he/she has. Disgruntled patients won’t hesitate to write negative reviews, and you definitely want to know what you are getting yourself into before you decide to pay co-pays and entrust your physical well-being to a physician you don’t yet know.

Here are a few reasons it makes sense to check out your physician’s online reputation, ideally before meeting with him or her for the first time.

They might be hiding something.

According to Gravitate Online, "over 94% of users clicked on a first page result and less than 6% actually click(ed) to the second page" when reviewing search engine results. Doctors with bad reputations rely upon this, and sometimes use services to help them suppress negative feedback so that it moves past the first page of search results. So be sure to review not just the first page of results, but at least a good two or three pages for an accurate representation of the doctor’s online reputation.

They may have been sued for m (Read More)....

Elderberry Syrup- Your Number One Weapon For Flu!

Elderberry fruit extracts have been used to stimulate the immune system and protect against free radicals that attack healthy cells. In fact, certain studies have proven its effectiveness in fighting viruses such as herpes, AIDS and HIV, or human immunodeficiency virus. It's antioxidant activity is useful in lowering cholesterol, improving vision, heart health and for coughs, colds, flu, viral and bacterial infections and tonsillitis.

It was used in 1995, in Peru to stop a flu epidemic!

At the first sign of a cold or flu, treat yourself to Elderberry and it should help alleviate the symptoms within 72 hours.

This herbal extract has also been used to help with weight loss, and as a treatment for headaches and migraines, rheumatism, gout, edema, hepatic disease, syphylis, epilepsy, toothache, asthma and to help wounds heal faster.

Stock Up On Your Own  Elderberry By Growing it, and Making it Yourself

See This article "Tips for Making Elderberry Syrup" Naturally Knocked Up

(Read More)....

The Flu And What To Do About It

Authored By Dave Webb

The planet is going through cycles. The current cycle is a Flu Virus running wild through our entire society. Good for the drug companies, bad for the rest of us. The Flu Shots do not actually do any good against these current cycles of bugs because there are much more than one variety of viruses.

The common cold is a virus. It probably has up to 400 varieties out there. No one that I know of has a vaccination for the common cold. Though we do have one for pneumonia. I recommend the pneumonia vaccination. Most of the rest I think are a waste of time and money. Though it might become mandatory to have one soon. Line up and get your shot of mercury compound! Then we wonder why our people out there are going crazy.

The problem as I see it is our natural order of control is all messed up. Nature has a balance set up. I think(just my opinion of course) that bacteria eat viruses. We have as a world severely limited bacteria with antibiotics. So the very thing that keeps viruses in check, has been limited by the drug companies. Viruses change. Each generation of viruses is different. They are literally hundreds of times smaller than bacteria. No antibiotic out there has any effect on viruses. A virus can live outside a host for at least 4 (Read More)....