A 68 Year Old Woman Tells Us How She Has Stayed Perfectly Healthy Without Ever Taking Pharmaceutical Drugs Or Vaccines

Most Americans have been brainwashed into believing that the only way that they can fight sicknesses and diseases is by taking vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs, or by going to see the doctor.  But the truth is that there are many, many people out there who live perfectly healthy lives without ever taking pharmaceutical drugs or vaccines.  In fact, there are many who insist that the natural way of doing things is better by far.  One of those people is one of our readers named Lily.  Lily is a 68 year old woman who is living a vibrant and healthy life without the aid of pharmaceutical drugs or vaccines.  We think that you will really enjoy her story....


I am 68 and I have been using herbs and vit&min (always liquid) since the age of 30, I never had sides effects and plus the problems literally vanished to never come back. Why use drugs that are so unnatural and foreign to the body when Mother nature has all the answers for us? D’oh!

We were 8 kids on a farm in Canada never saw a doctor, no hospital and born at home. My mother knew all the herbs and treated us accordingly, and we are all very healthy. We all were fed with whole raw milk and the meat was all grass fed we grew all vegetables without chemical fertilizer or pesticides. Bref, the life style was what most people today desire for themselves. Oh, almost forgot NO TV.

Mom baked the bread (unbleached flour)cooked 3 wholesome meals a day. To this day I wonder how she did it live to the age of 85. Basically drugs do not cure anything, they just alleviate symtoms and create other problems. I say stay away from legal and illegal drugs as much as you can. And just remember that lots of doctors are nothing more than legalized drug pushers.

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  • Olaf

    “My mother knew all the herbs and treated us accordingly…”

    Did she write any of this down or did she use a particular book?
    I would be very interested!

  • http://www.facebook.com/awiederholt Adam

    I would also be very interested in knowing more too, whatever you send him, send to me also :)

    Greatly Appreciate it!


    also, I would have loved to been born of a family like that, then I think I maybe not have been vaccinated causing the immune system and neurological problems that I do because of the exposure to those plus other pharmaceuticals my parents would pressure me to take when I didn’t know any better, when the internet wasn’t around yet commonly, back in the early 90s. At anyrate, I hope I can learn about some herbs that give the body tools to heal itself.

  • http://timepiecetrade.blogspot.com/ Ulysse Nardin

    8 kids on a farm in Canada never saw a doctor, no hospital and born at home.
    fed with whole raw milk, vegetables without chemical fertilizer or pesticides, NO TV, and 3 wholesome cooked meals a day – that’s quite a receipe, but i wonder how many could follow your advices nowadays..

  • crow

    Yes! This could be me. :) I am 68 years old, female, feel and look awesome and use no drugs, legal or otherwise. I use many herbs and supplements, and eat a mostly vegetarian and organic diet.
    I live a very active outdoor life and each day say thanks for feeling wonderful and I have such gratitude for another magic day to experience.
    The secret is to stay away from the medical professionals and their friends the drug companies. Heal yourself with herbs and exercise and the love of nature and go outside and experience Mother Earth. Stay away from the TV, and use your life as a personal retreat from electronics. Only use the phone for business and quick calls. Eliminate idle chatter on the phone or in person. Breath and enjoy this life! Namaste.

  • abby

    soo people live to be a 100 years old going to the doctors for check ups and medicaion they need. what the hell is the difference