A First Hand Account From A Nurse Being Required To Take The Swine Flu Vaccine To Keep Her Job

nurse swine flu maskNurse Forced To Take Swine Flu VaccineAs we scanned over the most recent comments on this blog, one really jumped out at us.  It was from a registered nurse named "Beth" who described how she is being forced to take the swine flu vaccine by her employer in order to keep her job.  In fact, she says that she has already HAD the swine flu, but that they are still requiring her to take the vaccine.  Beth, like most people in these hard economic times, can't afford to lose a good paying job, so she says that she is going to go ahead and take the swine flu vaccine.  Unfortunately, before this is all over millions of Americans will likely be forced to make similar gut wrenching decisions.

Posted below is the comment that Beth left on this blog.  Please keep her in prayer.  It is a tragedy that any American has to go through something like this.  If you have a similar story, please share it with us in the comments section below. 

Here is Beth's story.....


I am a RN working in a hospital and my employer (HCA) has basically mandated that the regular flu and swine flu vaccines are required – the only excepts are egg allergy, history of Guillan Barre or “religious objections”. Individuals who do not take the flu vaccines MUST wear a surgical mask for six consecutive months.

I had the swine flu this past April – still HAVE to take the vaccine (one I object because it has not been adequately tested). I intend to take the vaccine to salvage my job, but on the form I have to sign, I have every intention of stating my signature was done “under duress”. I don’t know if this will afford me legal action should the vaccine be found to cause serious and deadly side effects.

By the way, I take the regular flu shot every season – and I still get the flu and then a write up for calling in. I have every intention, should I get the flu, to continue to work, again, to salvage my job. Such a sad situation.

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  • Fred

    Looks like the hospital administrator at Virginia Mason is glad about the swine flu epidemic. She seems to be the one pushing mandatory vaccines for hospital workers and making money off the deal selling CD’s outlining her agenda.

    Just makes me sick to think of anyone being so callous towards collateral damage to sick and dying kids just so she can get her way.


  • REAL6

    Very sad story. Well maybe she should stop getting the flu shot each year then she will find she will never be sick with right diet and exercise!!!

  • sharon

    I am also an RN being forced to take the SWINE FLU Vac. Over the last 2 weeks we were all mandated to take the seasonal flu shot if we wanted to be kept as employees. That one was okay with me as I have taken it for a few years now with no issues. But I am fearful and worried about the swine vac as are so many more nurses,nurses aides, phys. assisstants etc. at the facility where I work. We were informed in no uncertain terms if we do not comply and take this swine vac we would not be employed any longer. It scary being forced to take something unwillingly into your body. Our Administration compare the SWINE flu vac to the immunizations children must get to attend school, which are also mandatory-to attend school. But now a mandatory vaccine in order to keep your job-in these economic times who can afford to lose their job? It is as if they know by threatening us with losing our jobs we will take the vaccine, and we all most likely will, Who can afford to be without a job on Long Island ever but now especially. And noone wants to be the one/ones to start questioning it because………”trouble makers get noticed and remembered” You ask questions now and there may be nothing punitive, but they will remember who started the petition etc… I welcome any comments, negative or supportive, thank you for listening, sharon