The CDC Has Been Purposely Mixing H1N1 Swine Flu And H5N1 Bird Flu To See What Will Happen

In a move that can only be described as incredibly reckless, scientists at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control have been conducting experiments in which they infect ferrets with both the H1N1 swine virus and the H5N1 bird flu virus to see if they will “reassort” and create a new hybrid flu virus.  The rationale for these reckless experiments is that scientists want to [...]

H5N1 And H1N1 In The Same Family In Vietnam?

There is a disturbing new report out of Vietnam that appears to indicate that one family there has tested positive for both the H5N1 bird flu and the H1N1 swine flu.  According to the report, poultry belonging to the family has also tested positive for the H5N1 bird flu.  H5N1 has been circulating in Vietnam for several years, [...]

An Evacuation Billboard That Warns Of H5N1 Instead Of H1N1

There is a new video up on YouTube that got our attention today. The video was taken about one month ago, when the person who took the video was coming back from a trip to Jacksonville, North Carolina. It is a video of a billboard that warns of potential emergencies and of the need to [...]

3 People In Egypt Suspected Of Being Infected With H1N1 Swine Flu And H5N1 Bird Flu

Three people in Egypt are believed to have been infected with the H1N1 swine flu virus as well as the H5N1 bird flu virus.  These are the first ever reported cases of both strains of the flu showing up in a human at the same time.  If these two viruses recombine to form a “super flu”, could [...]

Swine Flu Discovered In Birds In Chile – Is A Super Bird Flu On The Way?

Many flu experts are very alarmed that the H1N1 swine flu virus was found in turkeys on farms in Chile just last week.  Now that it has been confirmed that birds can contract H1N1 as well as H5N1, some health authorities are now wondering if birds may serve as a sort of “mixing bowl” where a “super bird flu” may [...]


Many people believe that the flu strain is man made.  Here is a set of videos explaining doctors and scientists explaining that the H5N1 strain has been modified by a company called Baxters.  They found that Baxters who make the h5N1 vaccine are based in Chicago


Welcome To The New Bird Flu Pandemic Website

Welcome to the Bird Flu Pandemic website. Suddenly flu outbreaks have gone from a footnote in the news to the front page. The whole world is watching as swine flu literally sweeps across the world.

Many people are now beginning to understand how incredibly deadly a flu pandemic can be. The goal of this site is [...]