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5 Pregnancy Health Tips

Pregnancy can an exciting time – but also a nervous one and a confusing one. Your body goes through a lot of changes during this time and it can be difficult keeping up with all the “rule changes” and the new things we should be doing. There are many myths and misconceptions around this time concerning your health and fitness, many which are misleading. Here I’ll aim to clear up some of those myths, and advise you too, so keep reading for some essential pregnancy health tips.

Myth: You’re not eating for two.

Many women use the phrase “I’m eating for two now” when pregnant. Unfortunately this isn’t the case though! During your first trimester you should be eating a regular and healthy diet – and definitely not double the amount. Your body will be providing your baby with all the nutrients it needs from what you’re already consuming – so don’t order two meals when you go out for lunch! In your second and last trimester, add up to 300-500 calories a day.

Fact: You need to quit smoking

When you fall pregnant, you really do need to quit smoking. Not just because the toxins harm your unborn baby, but because it is a great excuse to quit for good. If you resume smoking when your baby is born you will be damaging your child’s health then too – so use your pregnancy as t (Read More)....