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Double Barrel Defense from the Collapsing Dollar

The Power of No- Fear Itself, Part II

The Power of No, by

Some people in the scientific community speak of “genetic memory”, also known as racial memory.   This is the way in which a person's DNA can be permanently altered by external, psychological forces.  This change – and its emotional effect – is then carried forward to the next generations.  There are genetic fears implanted deeply within us by which we are manipulated on a daily basis.  It is also possible to be free of these fears and loosen the controls under which you live.

The purpose of programming fear into the masses of people is to control us – and is it ever effective!  Fear, although it is a very low vibrational force, is an extremely powerful emotion.  It is used extensively in brainwashing programs, because nothing makes the implanting stronger than a good dose of fear.

In order to rid ourselves of the fear, we must look at the methods used to instill it.

According to ancient stories, Nimrod of old Babylon, King of the Chaldees, known as a brave hunter of boars, convinced his people that there were great dangers outside his city walls (See Hegelian Dialectic and external threat), and that not only should the people live within its walls, but they should give him all their grain and other produce, plus any (Read More)....

H1N1 Vaccine Dangers

That was some raging H1N1 swine flu pandemic that we just went through, eh?  No?  You mean that the whole "swine flu" thing ended up being a total non-event?  Well, isn't that nice.  But unfortunately, a whole lot of people are still suffering very serious health effects from the crisis, but not from the swine flu.  No, the people that have been left with some of the most serious physical conditions from this whole thing have been those who actually took the H1N1 vaccine.  You see, the mainstream media simply refused to tell the honest truth about H1N1 vaccine dangers.  So millions of Americans ran out and got themselves shot up with a toxic stew full of all kinds of horrible things.  For those wondering why we are so against the H1N1 vaccine, please read our previous article entitled "In Case You Were Wondering Why We Don’t Want To Take Your Swine Flu Vaccines".  On this site we try very hard to tell the truth.  We do believe that there is a very real danger of a bird flu pandemic breaking out in the future, but we also try to warn our readers about the very real dangers that these modern vaccines present to us.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media will not dare tel (Read More)....

Isn’t The H1N1 Vaccine Supposed To Be Safe? Then Why Are So Many Who Take It Becoming Seriously Ill?

For months on end, world health authorities and the U.S. government have been assuring us that the H1N1 swine flu vaccine is very, very safe.  Even though large numbers of people have now reported very serious reactions to the H1N1 vaccine, they are still assuring us that the H1N1 swine flu vaccine is very, very safe.  So what in the world is going on here?  Of course if it ever does come out in the mainstream media that the vaccine is not safe the big pharmaceutical companies don't have anything to worry about because the U.S. Congress has given them blanket immunity.  Today we wanted to share three more stories from our readers about what the H1N1 swine flu vaccine has done.  Of course the pro-vaccine forces will continue to insist that these stories represent "one in a (insert ridiculously large number)" and that the benefits of the vaccine far outweigh any risks.  But would you want to go through what any of these readers have had to go through?  The truth is that a ton of people are being hurt by this vaccine, and yet very few people will even take their complaints seriously.

But we take their complaints very seriously.  The following are testimonies about the effects of the H1N1 swine flu vaccine posted by readers of this website....

(Read More)....

The WHO Wants The Entire Population Of Haiti To Get A Whole Bunch Of Vaccines As Soon As Possible

Over one million people in Haiti have been made homeless by the recent earthquake that hit the island two weeks ago, but so far many of them find themselves on the outside looking in when it comes to getting food.  In fact, U.N. security forces recently fired pepper spray into the air in an effort to disperse the thousands of men, women and children jostling for food outside the wrecked presidential palace in Port-au-Prince.  But while they may not be able to get the food and water that they need, if the WHO has their way, the people of Haiti will soon be vaccinated for a whole array of diseases.  According to a new report by the World Health Organization, the plan is to vaccinate all them for tetanus, measles, diphtheria, polio and pertussis as quickly as possible.  In addition, the report also mentions the H1N1 swine flu as a potential threat in Haiti, so presumably the WHO plans to get most of the Haitian population to take that vaccine as well.

The document is entitled "Ea (Read More)....

A 68 Year Old Woman Tells Us How She Has Stayed Perfectly Healthy Without Ever Taking Pharmaceutical Drugs Or Vaccines

Most Americans have been brainwashed into believing that the only way that they can fight sicknesses and diseases is by taking vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs, or by going to see the doctor.  But the truth is that there are many, many people out there who live perfectly healthy lives without ever taking pharmaceutical drugs or vaccines.  In fact, there are many who insist that the natural way of doing things is better by far.  One of those people is one of our readers named Lily.  Lily is a 68 year old woman who is living a vibrant and healthy life without the aid of pharmaceutical drugs or vaccines.  We think that you will really enjoy her story....


I am 68 and I have been using herbs and vit&min (always liquid) since the age of 30, I never had sides effects and plus the problems literally vanished to never come back. Why use drugs that are so unnatural and foreign to the body when Mother nature has all the answers for us? D’oh!

We were 8 kids on a farm in Canada never saw a doctor, no hospital and born at home. My mother knew all the herbs and treated us accordingly, and we are all very healthy. We all were fed with whole raw milk and the meat was all grass fed we grew all vegetables without chemical fertilizer or pesticides. Bre (Read More)....

Dawn Developed Asthma And Has Had A Severe Cough For A Month Since Getting The H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine – What Should She Do?

Dawn Developed Asthma And Has Had A Severe Cough For A Month Since Getting The H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine - What Should She DoA lot of people who have developed very severe side effects after receiving the H1N1 swine flu vaccine do not know what to do.  Today we wanted to share the story recently posted by a reader named Dawn.  She received the H1N1 swine flu vaccine about a month ago, and since then she has developed asthma (she never had it before) and she has had a severe cough.  The following is Dawn's story in her own words: "I received H1N1 vaccination on Dec 3, and I have had a severe cough, and asthma ever since. I have no prior problems with breathing difficulties. I basically am pretty freaked out by this. I am praying it goes away soon. I just want to be able to breath normally again. To be able to laugh without going into ma coughing fit and to be able to exercise again."

So what should Dawn do?

We readily admit that we are not experts in asthma.

We do advise that Dawn should go see a doctor and a natural health expert as quickly as possible.

But what else should she do?

What is your opinion? (Read More)....

Mother Of 8 Year Old Girl Filled With Regret Now That Her Daughter Is Experiencing Uncontrollable Body Movements After Getting The H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine

Mother Of 8 Year Old Girl Filled With Regret Now That Her Daughter Is Experiencing Uncontrollable Body Movements After Getting The H1N1 Swine Flu VaccineIt seems like every day we receive heartbreaking stories like the one that you are about to read.  Thousands upon thousands of lives are being shattered by the H1N1 swine flu vaccine and yet the mainstream media will not report on all of these horrifying side effects that people are experiencing.  The story posted below comes from a reader named Sheryl.  She thought that she was being a good mother by having her 8 year old daughter with asthma get the H1N1 swine flu vaccine.  Unfortunately her young daughter quickly developed uncontrollable body movements which have not stopped.  The doctors have not been able to help her daughter so far, and so she has to watch her daughter suffer tremendously every day without any assurance that she will ever recover.  Please pray for Sheryl, and please share this story with as many people as possible.  The only way that we are going to be able to save lives is by sharing these stories with as many people as we can.  The following is Sheryl's story.... 

My 8 year old daughter received the H1N1 (Read More)....