Do Not Take The H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Until You Read These Tragic Real Life Vaccine Horror Stories

H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Horror StoriesSwine Flu Vaccine DangerMillions of Americans are lining up to take the H1N1 swine flu vaccine with no idea about the horrible things that could happen to them.  In this article you will read tragic real life vaccine horror stories from people who have personally experienced devastating vaccine side effects.  Each of the accounts that you will read below were unsolicited.  When we started this site, we began posting stories about the dangers of vaccines, and when people came across our articles they wanted to share their own painful experiences with vaccines.  If the American people knew of the tragic stories of the thousands upon thousands of people whose lives have been devastated by vaccines they would not be so eager to line up to take them.  The following are some of those stories.....


My friend was diagnosed w/GBS today. She had the H1N1 vaccine on Tuesday. She woke up friday morn. with one side of her face paralized, now almost her whole face is paralized. She is starting blood and plasma transfusions tonight. She will be transferred to Barnes hospital soon for more extensive testing. To those who laugh at the severity of this strange, unknown sickness and vaccine I hope you stay informed and not ignorant.


I am a healthcare employee…..the only vaccine offered to employees was the live vaccine. I decided to get it and be the “guinea pig” instead of my toddler. Received the nasal spray on Tuesday, woke up Wednesday with a sore throat and stuffy nose, Thursday had a terrible chest congestion/cough with fever and splitting headache, Friday all symptoms were worse and I couldn’t breathe! I was diagnosed on Friday with H1N1 and pneumonia….. good thing I got the vaccine, huh?


I too have taken the flu vaccine on Sept. 16th 2009 and have had reaction to the shot that was different yet very scary and the symptoms seem to change regularly. Of course, I was a perfectly healthy woman of 56 when administered and have had the flu and strange symptoms since. I contacted the community center where the shot was taken and have been told that it was not the shot as others had the same lot but no reaction. My symtoms were high fever, and not being able to walk from dizziness for 2 weeks. Then received the flu that has had me down for another 2 weeks. If anyone else has had these symptoms, I would appreciate a email. I now have pain in my feet and legs that seems to get worse daily.


I have a friend who took the flu shot in 2001 I believe, and after, started to display neurological problems in his body, like loosing muscle control all over. Since then, he has been diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) disease. He is unable to talk or do anything for himself, even to swallow, so he is fed through a tube in his stomach. His wife is taking care of him. It is terrible what happened to my friend, he also was fit and healthy all of his life. None of us are taking the flu shot. We have been spared from it, by the grace of God.


In 1976 my grandmother received a flu shot and developed Guillain-Barre Syndrome as a result of the flu shot and died.


I have two children who have autism spectrum disorders because of the mercury and other toxic agents put into vaccinations that I didn’t realize till too late. To force someone to take this especially when they have a health issue is ludicrous!!


1977 I was ORDERED to get the swine flu shot. I got it. The next day (after I got it) we were ordered to NOT get it. My muscles in my calves were showing spasms. Of course the military doctors were saying too soon to be caused by the shot.



I do recall that when swine-flu vaccine was administered in the 70’s, a friend of mine, 28-yrs old, in good health and no known physical disorder of any kind at the time, but as soon as she recd the swine-vaccine, within a month or so, developed breast cancer and underwent surgery. Thanks be to God, we (my husband and children) were fearful of that vaccine and prayed most heartily for God’s powerful help and protection. Yes, I am very scared of this dreadful vaccine as it may kill us instead of healing people. Jesus have mercy on us and drive all the dark forces hovering around the world, destroying God’s creation.


I know a woman whose baby stopped breathing and turned blue several times and had to be rushed to emergency in the 24 hours following the second series of shots (4 months old). Several years later, the identical thing happened to her second baby after vaccination. She still didn’t connect it. That’s how deeply brainwashed our society has become by the high priests of the religion of modern medicine. Every year our population becomes weaker and the instances of autoimmune disease and autism are skyrocketing at an alarming rate.

Parent of Adem:

In January of 2001, my 22 year old son had a flu shot. Within a week he was in a coma and totally paralyzed – Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM)- see After 2-1/2 months in ICU and an additional 4-1/2 months in rehab, he was able to come home. Today he plays quad rugby and lives in a fully handicap accessible house – all because of an extremely rare reaction to a flu shot. What’s happening in response to the swine flu is frightening.


Back in the 70’s I was at the peak of health and stamina (college years). I got the SWINE FLU vaccination.

Within a couple days I was virtually paralyzed with my leg, arm, stomach, neck, and chest muscles in so much pain I could barely move. That lasted for over 1 week. It was the worst pain I’ve been in my entire life (and that includes later having my arm literally torn open (~150 stitches), a broken neck, and a broken back).

It took over a month to slowly improve back to normal functonality, while remaining in considerable pain for a great deal of that time.


A friend took her son to get his 2 year check up and refused MMR due to vaccine risk concerns. She was delaying and would get them separately. The MD insisted she give him the seasonal flu shot because the flu was going to be bad that year (it was 2003 I believe). She complied, not having done any research on the flu shot. Her son developed fever that night, had diarrhea and illness for three weeks, stopped walking and talking. Six months later he was crawling around the house banging his head on the wall and crying all day. She could barely complete a sentence because she was so devastated. An investigation confirmed vaccine induced Autism. I will never give the flu shot to my kids after seeing what it has done to my friend and her only child.

If the tragic stories that people have posted on our site are not enough to persuade you to avoid the swine flu vaccine, perhaps what happened to NFL cheerleader Desiree Jennings will cause you to stop and think. Taking the seasonal flu vaccine this year changed her life forever.....

The truth is that these vaccines are not as safe as government officials insist that they are.  Thanks to the Congress, you will not be able to sue vaccine manufacturers if something goes wrong.  Do not blindly trust the health of your family to corrupt government bureaucrats or to the talking heads on television.  Do your own research and make an informed decision.  It is about time that we all started thinking for ourselves.

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  • Robert

    Don’t do it! Do not support the criminal government and criminal pharaceutical industry in injecting a poison into your body. Big Pharma is one of the largest contributors to sleeze-ball politicians. Do NOT GET THE SHOT.

  • Terence Yap Singapore

    It looks like taking vaccines can be likened to playing Russion Roulette. Can’t test kits be made to measure allergic reactions? Skin and blood allergy tests are already used for a range of medications and drugs.

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  • Amrie
  • pina

    my daughter is a nurse. She was at another clinic as a patient one day after H1N1 vaccines started. The staff there let her know that one man collapsed after getting the shot. A nurse that she went to school with had the vaccine and her arm went partially paralyzed. The feeling came back into her arm slightly and now she is in sheer pain.
    Don’t get the H1N1 shot, or flu shots if you haven’t.please.

  • Krissy

    I just got the shot today at my school.! They said that they were injecting a dead virus szo that my body can produce antibodies to fiqht it off.!

  • Claire

    There are always occasional adverse effects to many medical procedures. Currently, the risk of contracting H1N1 and dying from it are MUCH higher than being subject to the adverse effects of the injection. Also, the 1970s “swine flu” vaccine is in now way related to the current vaccine.. they are different. If everyone decided to not receive the vaccine the H1N1 virus would spread quickly and also MUTATE more quickly, increasing the death toll by a far greater amount than those who have experienced adverse effects. These stories are all very sad, but people’s lives are also saved by vaccines, in fact, millions of lives. To be “very scared of this dreadful vaccine as it may kill us instead of healing people” is a ludicrous comment to make and also uninformed. Yes this vaccine has killed and debilitated people, but it has helped to prevent the spread of a PANDEMIC status virus!

  • jimmy

    im even more scared than there before i come across this aticle!!!do you mean that the drs are killing the innocent people out of their awereness????please be open and prove this to the innocent people who are dieing insted of getting treament.

  • The Shadows Knows

    The govt in many countries is setting this up for profit for the pharma companies which have suffered due to the recession. Remember YOUR taxes pay for the flu shots so the govt needs a justification to buy all this stuff. The pharmas are not giving all these millions of vials of vaccine out of the goodness of their hearts, this isnt a church mission to help the poor. No they are getting BIG $$$ from the govt via your wallets. Secondarily, the official justification was that this swine flu might mutate into a super bug so they wanted as many people vaccinated before that happens. But here is the catch: lab results have already shown that the swine flu does NOT mutate but is a weak influenza. As a matter of fact far more people are getting the regular seasonal flu and dying and its not considered an ‘epidemic’ or ‘pandemic’. Here is a link to the lab showing you that it does not mutate:

    And here are the real numbers comparing the swine flu to the regular flu. Notice the swine flu has killed about 6000 people world wide as of today but the regular flu kills 250 000 to half a million people worldwide everyyear.

    The link is here (scroll down to the yellow highlighted chart near the top of the page):

    You have a much better chance of being in a car accident or of getting the regular flu. If you want to get a regular flu shot like many people do thats much more sane.

    Historical Note: The govts of the West have tried this before. The 2005 bird flu was hardly a ‘pandemic’ or ‘epidemic’ (and neither is this swine flu of today) and neither was the 1976 swine flu craze. The govts have also stockpiled alot of unused bird flu vaccine from 2005 which expires this year. Two birds with one stone you know.

    The pharmas and the rich fat cats who call you all ‘chattel’ and ‘cattle’ value your lives very little. They are godless greedy people whose God is the bottom line. The golden green $ in their small black hearts.


  • The Shadows Knows

    Ps notice in the lab study link that they admit it does not mutate into a superbug but go on to say that because its easier tramsitted (they are assuming) it is dangerous. First of that’s a misleading statement. Its ‘easier’ transmitted in a study they did before this one but in real life human populations it has shown a far weaker transmission rate then regular flu or say malaria (3000 people a day die of malaria). Remember in 1919 real flu epidemic milions and millions caught it in a short time. If its soooo easily transmitted why do only 440 000 or so have it so far in the entire world population of billions and only 5700 or so have died from it?? (as of last week of Oct 2009). What is really going on is they are chasing shadows and saying IT could become a superbug, and IT COULD transmit quickly (though it hasnt). By that logic the moon COULD crash into the Earth tomorrow because its orbit made a slight change or the tire on your car COULD blow and you COULD crash and you COULD die and…. well you get the picture.

    Turn off the news (they love this nonesense since they are getting paid by the sponsers for the ads they run inbetween screaming h1n1 fears into your mind), tell the govt ghouls to stay OUT of your bodies. Focus on your business, your families and kids and let the maniacs keep screaming about how the sky will fall to themselves. Stop giving them an audience. I predict that in one years time NOTHING will have become of this and in 2-3 years time we will have another socalled flu pandemic scare (if the recession hasnt stopped long enough for the pharma companies to recoup their losses). Lets see we’ve had bird (chicken) flu, cow madness disease (nothing came of that either), now swine flu. What is left. What animal do people in the west also eat alot of (you see we need a common edible one to put in a nice scare into everybody). Unless they go for lambchops or something my prediction will be either a general meat flu (all the animals you eat could have it!!) or a milk flu scare or something related. Hmm or they could skip the whole animal kingdom and go straight to the water supply. Instead of water flu they could scare you with some new bio germ flu that supposedly spreads through the water or the air or well you get the picture. Listen until their are REAL epidemics (is AIDS, malaria are real ones ignored in the west) dont believe these arrogant news and government media morons.

  • The Shadows Knows

    God bless you all.

  • The Shadows Knows

    PPS I am writing to you from TORONTO. You know home of another scare the socalled SARS outbreak of a few years back. YEAH CNN carried it and told you all about people dying in the streets. What a laugh and a half. There were a few quarrantied hostpitals and thats IT. A few nuts in the streets started wearing surgeons masks over their noses and some cameramen from the news followed them around videotapping the ‘outbreak’. NOTHING CAME OF IT.

  • Cap Matifou

    A new wave of scary sickness is just unleashed onto Ukraine.
    In a few days dozens died to a yet again new virus. This is NOT swine flu, but most likely a bioweapon.
    Obviously this will be used worldwide as a pretext for forced vaccinations.
    Test are being carried out to establish what kind of virus is causing the sickness. The H1N1 virus which causes Mexican flu has been ruled out.

    A local newsticker through a translator:
    18:27 In Ukraine, 48 people have died, are sick more than 150 thousand
    21:28 In Ukraine has confirmed 14 cases of “California” flu – Tymoshenko

    Connect with this
    A microbiologist who wanted to supply evidence (last month) to a States Attorney
    regarding tainted H1N1 Swine flu vaccines being produced by Baxter
    BioPharma Solutions. He said that Baxter’s Ukrainian lab was in fact
    producing a bioweapon disguised as a vaccine.

  • Dumble door

    Please don’t take the shot if you be leave all of this stuff.
    Get the Flu. if it kills you it was gods will.
    if it does not kill you your body will be stronger.
    only 7000 people die from the flu or flu complication every year.
    So Don’t get the shot leave it for people who want it.

  • Flu daddy

    My two boy were recently given the h1n1 vaccine and though one had no reaction the other is grown wings ang a pigs tail. He’s flying all around the house and won’t put the toilet seat up when he goes to the bathroom.

  • stevie d

    Dumble door, you are misinformed.

    Over 40,000 people die each year from seasonal flu in the USA alone.

    More people getting vaccinated results in a reduced potential for future pandemic with a mutated virus. Getting the vaccine is good not just for you, but for everyone.

    The vaccine is just like the seasonal flu shot you get every year, developed in the same way. There is no additional risk. These rare side effects are highly unlikely; far more likely is that you die of complications from the flu.

    To the “healthcare worker” who claimed that a live vaccine gave her the illness, that is not how live vaccines work. If she developed the flu, it is because she was exposed to it already and it takes 14 days for the vaccine to be fully effective.

  • Resistance

    Cap Matifou, thank you for the links.

    Baxter should have been sat down before a Congressional Hearing and charged with attempted murder, or more accurately attempted genocide.

    Instead, they are obviously contracting with the government to cook up killer vaccines.

    It’s obvious our governments are in league to exterminate as many of us as they can — I use the word “exterminate” because to them we are nothing but ants at their picnic.

    They think they are special and have a right to kill millions of the rest of us.

    They need to be arrested and charaged for high crimes, for murder and crimes against humanity in the same vein as the Nuremburg Trials.

  • Pig Fli

    I’ve added your site to my blog. I think the more information we can get together in one place, the better. Also, watch your ratings on google, yahoo, msn and youtube…. there are reports of your ratings dropping drastically (5 star sites are now “1/2 stars”). It’s an easy efficient way to censor us by not allowing our sites to come up in the main searches.
    If you could add my blog to your list, I would appreciate it.

  • Kim Bruce

    I got my H1N1 shot two weeks ago on Tuesday, woke up Wednesday with a sore throat and stuffy nose, Thursday had a terrible chest congestion/cough with fever and splitting headache, Friday all symptoms were worse and I couldn’t breathe. Called my doctor’s and theysaid it would be from the shot but that most likely I already had an infection in my body when I got the shot but didn’t realize it.
    I’m getting over it slowly but still occasional sore throat, sick stomach, chest wheeze. Don’t feel as groggy as I did but kind of listless.
    I’m almost 56 and now I’m hearing I may have to get H2N3 shot because it attacks the aged and more immune-system-response vulnerable whereas H1N1 was attacking young healthy adults and kids with excellent immune systems?
    What is going on?

  • Melody

    I had the H1N1 shot about 3 weeks ago, my son received the vaccine about 2 weeks ago, I have had pain in my arm since then, and he has also complained of arm pain. It was mandatory for us at work, and from all of the deaths associated with the pandemic I got the vaccine for him.

  • Tyranny

    Thank-you to this site for all you do! Keep up the good fight. I have a few good links @

  • Sufferer

    Please do not take this flu-shot vaccination. I got one about 8 years ago and look what happened to me, I have peripheral neuropathy. It started with the arm they injected; numbness and tingling, all seemed quite harmless at first. But then it spread like a wild fire throughout my entire body, slowly but surely. Trust me, you don’t want any neurological disease, you would rather die its quite terrible. You can almost cure any part of your body except your nerves, any damage is usually irreversible and incurable. You can however treat neurological problems, and thats exactly what the pharmaceutical companies want, they just want to treat you for the long run. Neurological problems are perfect “treatable” problems for pharmaceuticals, you can best be sure thats what they are aiming for and what we’d expect from flu-shots.

  • Sufferer

    “There are always occasional adverse effects to many medical procedures. Currently, the risk of contracting H1N1 and dying from it are MUCH higher than being subject to the adverse effects of the injection. Also, the 1970s “swine flu” vaccine is in now way related to the current vaccine.. they are different. If everyone decided to not receive the vaccine the H1N1 virus would spread quickly and also MUTATE more quickly, increasing the death toll by a far greater amount than those who have experienced adverse effects. These stories are all very sad, but people’s lives are also saved by vaccines, in fact, millions of lives. To be “very scared of this dreadful vaccine as it may kill us instead of healing people” is a ludicrous comment to make and also uninformed. Yes this vaccine has killed and debilitated people, but it has helped to prevent the spread of a PANDEMIC status virus!”

    So far, I know 5 people including me that have had H1N1 virus. None took the H1N1 flu shot, all survived in fact some said the H1N1 wasn’t any more tougher then a regular flu. Now their immune system is naturally adapted to the virus and can fight it off far more efficiently if they do contract it after it has mutated into a more harmful strain. If they took the vaccine then simply the next time they got a new strain they would need another vaccine, and so on and so forth (profit generating cycle for pharmaceuticals). People who don’t take the vaccine are probably far more safer the next time around then the people who do take the vaccine.

  • MareX

    A fact about vaccins:
    The vaccination started usualy after when the number of cases were decreasing. (every pandemic has an own increasing and decreasing phase, even without jab…)

    The vaccin affect mechanism (to inject live viruses into the body) is similar to when a father rape his daughter a little bit to prevent her from a big rape from anybody in the future.

    According to the Book: The Medical Maffia, Author: Ghislaine Lanctot

  • fe

    I have had the same reactions. Chest congestion and vomiting. I am 7 months pregnant. I am going to go to the ER tomorrow. I had none of these symptoms in anyway before getting the shot two weeks ago. For the people that listed getting the current vaccone (shot) and having congestion or the flu afterwards, how long did it take you to recover and what did they tell you to do to help recover? Thanks

  • hanna cammisano

    to claire yes it is not the same as the 1976 vaccine because this time they’ figured a way to get away with it. You are the perfect type of person that gets easily convinced . you need to think outside what is being trown at you via the media.Do your research the media is controlled by only 4 people unfortunatly what you see is not what you get. Use your common sense.

  • http://none michael

    For those of you who believe the government is involved in killing us off or started this virus should seek mental health care right away.These are early signs of serious mental illness

  • Karen L.

    I am glad that there are those out there paying attention to the impact that flu vaccinations – and other vaccinations – can have on the human body. I agree with so much of the information that supports the idea that one should NOT get vaccinated (at least with respect to the H1N1 flu) – but just wish that its presentation wasn’t so “extremist”. I know that because the majority of people – especially in the U.S. – are convinced of vaccine safety, it means that the voices of dissent try to be louder in order to be heard. But the violent speech that I’ve often seen elsewhere and conspiracy talk does nothing but relegate their voices to the realm of lunacy, in most peoples’ minds.
    To be effective, you have to just speak plainly…and, with facts. To the last poster, Michael, I would say: read something about the history of medicine in the United States and the development of pharmaceuticals to treat – and to help to “create” and define – disease states. I can recommend one by a physician and historian of science/medicine at Harvard called : Prescribing by Numbers: Drugs and the Definition of Disease by Jeremy A. Greene. Rather than being part of a broad conspiracy theory, where one day a handful of old, white men decided to deceive and endanger the American public to make a buck, the development of pharmaceuticals and their impact on how we think about health and illness is the sort of long, involved, convoluted process that only a historical analysis can effectively reveal (I am not a historian, but greatly admire what such an account can tell us). Anyone who considers the history, the influence and the reach of pharmaceuticals and their drugs MUST ask themselves important questions about the intention behind treating so many things with so many drugs, or vaccines, in this case. And that’s just a small piece of the puzzle…the information is out there, but you’ll have to look for it.

  • http://None Bill

    I see crazy people

  • Rita

    I got the h1n1 Shot on Weds, on Christmas morning I was ill.
    They is something terribly wrong with this picture.
    I got it so I wouldn’t get sick, and now I have the flu.
    Never again, will I let anyone inject me with anything.
    And to think I paid someone to do this!!!
    God help us all.

  • Eric

    Has anyone heard of the bilderberg group they are the ones behind it. They put something in the shots to mess with our immune systems and slowly kill us off so please dont get the shots they are no good.

  • amanda

    my daughter had the swine flu injection well 1 half of it.. now reading these comments am worried to take her back for the second half didnt no that this injection has killed i thought i was protecting her from gettin ill by having it… what do i do ?? she has a rare skin dieses n is on methotraxate wich means she has a low immune system n can get ill qwick thats y she was offerd the jab do i take her back for the second half or leave it??

  • REW

    My friend’s 5 year old daughter received the “live” virus nasal spray just before Christmas. It was REQUIRED for her to continue attending her expensive private kindergarten school.

    Without knowing this matter beforehand, I had lunch in a restaurant with her parents and this child on Sunday, January 3rd, 2010. The little girl sat next to me, drank my Sprite, fed me her french fries, sat in my lap, and breathed all over me.

    Within 24 hours, I had bizarre flu symptoms: chills, fever, pains, and blurry vision, then something went full-force inside my chest and sinus system. Then, I COMPLETELY lost my voice for 10 days.

    All and all, I am better, but not 100%. I have never had a severe flu like this before in my life, and I am almost 50 years old.

    Makes me wonder if the “live” nasal virus jumped onto me from my friends’ daughter. If so, this was a FAST ACTING virus!

  • Kelly

    My husband has been diagnosed with ADEM possibly a varient AHLE from the H1N1 vaccine he received on 11/23/2009. Currently in ICU waiting on confirmation of brain biopsy. A healthy 45 year old man went from working 7 days a week to ICU and feed tube. Be fully aware of serious side effects from vaccines. We have been in the hospital since 12/26/09.

  • Maria

    There will always be a small minority of people who have an adverse reaction to a medicine or vaccine. There will NEVER be a medication created that will be fine for everyone – let’s face it, there are some people who cannot cope with water or sunlight! Each of these stories is tragic but such complications really are rare. Without vaccines and medicines, there would be far more sad stories than those on here.

  • shawnice

    I live on a chicken farm in the Uk and i have been having the jab for about 7 years now and it has not affected me or my family once.

  • Carrie

    Hello, two weeks after I received the Swine Flu Shot, I started having muscle spasms, My head fel werid, and I was crying all of the time. I went to the doctor he said it was just anxiety. I never had anxiety untill I received this shot. DO NOT GET IT!! ahh this is ruining my life!

  • Tim

    Here we go again. Hey folks, watch someone DIE from swine flu and you’ll quickly change your mind! And I know, I saw someone come SO CLOSE it wasn’t funny! NO vaccination is without side affects – some CAN be quite drastic. WITH THAT, it’s not like it’s some massive cover up! When you GET your shots, you are informed BEFORE you get your shot WHAT those side affects are – that’s the law. No one FORCES you to get vaccinated. Yes, Vaccinations HAVE caused SOME people to even die – and that is extremely tragic! Others have had their lives so altered that many years of therapy, blood transfusions, etc., have to endured. But on the other hand, many MORE have died from the various diseases these vaccinations are trying to combat. And each of those diseases and deaths have had JUST AS MUCH, if not MORE impact on those individuals unfortunate enough to contract those diseases, than if they had taken a vaccination. It is a matter of HISTORY, that vaccinations have helped DRASTICALLY REDUCE many diseases. And it is because of UNinformed sites, such as the ‘Australian Vaccination Network’, promoting stories that someones great-aunts, cousins, second-sister saw on the INTERNET, gives NO information at all. THAT is scaremongering, and THAT is a cover-up of the truth. It is YOUR CHOICE to get, or not get a Vaccination, but don’t make it out to be what it’s not!

  • stuart

    I’m happy to see some sanity in this load of twaddle. As for that attention seeking scammer Desiree Jennings, they obviously missed the follow up report that exposed her as a fraud. I find it ironic that these people are all “don’t believe the hype, find out the truth for yourself” and yet don’t have any truth to show for their quest.

  • danielle jones

    i took the h1n1 shot May 6 2010 and the next the day i got very very very sick i got this crazy headache and running nose. My head is spinning like crazy and for some reason i can’t think and move if i walk i feel like i’m falling. Something is very wrong and i bet my brothers ae feeling dizzy too. But i am only 15 years old and i not ready to die….. something is very wrong!!!! Please don’t take this shot its not worth it.

  • Leigh

    June 15th, 2010
    My family has been through hell for almost three months. My 8 year old son had horrible nerve spasm type pains in his chest, upper leg/hip area, groin and ankle. My doctor keep brushing off his pain as growing pains or acid reflux. I knew he was not taking us seriously. Each night I would see my son double over in pain. I must have called my doctor (former doctor now) each night for a week begging him to give my son some relief. I finally asked to be referred to a Pediatric Neurologist who diagnosed my son with ADEM a painful nerve disorder most likely traceable back to the H1N1 virus. He did get some relief with gabapentin and must be on the drug for at least 4 months. I will NEVER give him or any member of my family any type of flu shot again! It was not worth the devastation it did to my son’s body.

  • Michael

    Wow, reading the blog on H1N1 side effects made me realize I was not alone. While in boot camp on February 12th 1978 at Ft. Bliss Texas I and a small handful of troops were given the H1N1 vaccine without our knowledge of what type of vaccine it was. About an hour after the shot we all started having severe headaches, headaches that where ten time grater than then a migraine. Shortly after we were admitted at William Beaumont Army hospital under quarantine with all the classic symptoms folks talked about above. I became paralyzed from my neck down, even if I tried to move I would experience severe joint pains. They call this Guillain barre syndrome disease. Some of the troops actually died from the vaccine. I was one of the lucky ones but never made a full recovery. Two years later I became a type two diabetic and weighed only 135 pounds. Ever since I was discharged from the hospital I been suffering from chronic lumbar nerve pains that generates down my legs. I can’t walk up hills without my legs cramping up on me. The VA did award me 100% disability for service connected problems but would not admit most of my problems are from the vaccine or recognize I was hospitalized at William Beaumont Army hospital in 1978 even after I provided a copy of my in patient progress notes that diagnosed me with a viral syndrome and influenza 4800 what ever that means.
    Here’s the clincher, in 1976 there was a very small outbreak of the swine flue at Ft. Dix New Jersey. What I found out is that at the time President Gerald Ford exploited on it and ordered the CDC to manufacture a vaccine for H1N1 after he was told by private pharmaceutical companies that a vaccine was tried and failed by them. That didn’t stop President Ford all he could see was his huge investments in pharmaceuticals going sky high at a time the economy was doing very poorly. A vaccine was manufactured and admitted to the public, what ended up happening is over 700 people died from the vaccine and hundreds more had Guillian barre syndrome disease and never fully recovered like myself. We were guinea pigs to test if the vaccine really did cause health problems to the public. I would never had known the vaccine was H1N1 if not for an orderly at William Beaumont Army hospital explaining it to me while he was helping me walk again.
    Literally thousands of American soldiers who enlist in the military are used as guinea pigs to test the effects of new vaccines and thousands are disabled for life. Our Government knows knows about this but will not admit it is still going on after congress passed a law in 1973 prohibiting soldiers from being used as test subjects. Fact is in 1973 our government new it was going on or they wouldn’t have passed a law prohibiting it.
    In my opinion Wall-Street is the enemy and as long as big investors have investments in pharmaceuticals they will do what ever it takes to bring their stocks up especially in times like these. Beware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing that comes in the form of a prescription drug. It’s a shame because now we don’t know a safe drug from a dangerous placebo.

  • Michael

    Sorry I forgot to mention, My antibodies were tested twice each two years apart. Turns out I have autoimmune complex disorder,I was given prednisone but that only worked for a short time. My immune level is 17.0 the norm is 4.0. So basically my body has been attacking itself for 30 years. I think it’s pretty crappy of our government to bring back the vaccine after what happened three decades ago.

  • Babis

    I got the H1N1 vaccine. 3 months later I developed autoimmune autonomic neuropathy (neurocardiogenic syncope, postural tachycardia syndrome, autonomic ganglionopathy and peroneal neuropathy). Because this is very similar to GBS in causation, but not in symptoms, the doctors did not diagnose it properly until a year later, which is too late to ask for compensation.

  • Michael

    Babis, If you have a copy of your service medical records and if you have numerous complaints of health problems in them you can still open a claim for compensation. Maybe not for the reaction to the vaccine but other health problems that may have lead to your neuropathy. Talk to a (DAV) disabled American Veteran organization as I did. They maybe able to connect the dots and open a claim you haven’t thought of opening. If you are currently receiving disability compensation for other illnesses, you maybe entitled to compensation for residuals caused by the illness. Residuals are separate claims, most vets don’t know this. Once I found this out my disability compensation went from 10% to 100% without unemployability.

  • sandy

    I knew it! The government are just using us as test subjects, good thing I refused to take any. My sympathy goes out to you all.

  • concerned

    I honesty can’t believe some of these comments. You clearly do not understand the immune system or the way these vaccinations work. You’re blaming all sorts of things on these vaccines. Especially the comment from Carrie at the top…. she clearly had already caught h1n1 prior to the nasal spray (you know you’re not immune from it immediately!!!). Pah ha. Go and get an “immunology for dummies” book and read that rather than wasting time scare mongrering.

  • Michael

    Concerned, One thing you can’t deny is the similar triangle folks above have in common regarding the H1N1 vaccine which is now being added in the annual flu vaccine. It’s too big to be a coincidence. You must be one of those physicians who are getting kick backs from pharmaceutical companies for prescribing their medicines to your patients. The facts speaks for itself. Sure not everyone has side effects from the H1N1 vaccine how ever 65% of the annual flu vaccine given to the public is also in-affective because the strain is always changing, Fact. Big wall-street investors are making billions off in-affective flu vaccine every year, fact. If you put a foreign substance in your body you will have a immune reaction, fact. Even if it’s cigarette tobacco, alcohol or pollen you will have a autoimmune reaction, some worse than others, fact. I think you need to read a “immunology for dummies” book yourself.

  • Baffled

    So many of you are ignorant and ridiculous. These vaccines go through thousands of tests and trials. Yes rarely they can cause side effects but have you actually any idea how many people die of flu each year?! These vaccines save literally millions of lives. And they do not cause breast cancer. I could not agree more with ‘concerned’.

  • Michael

    This is a odd question but has anyone who gotten the H1N1 vaccine or had the swine flu had children born with Cystic Fibrosis after contact? I’m asking this because CF didn’t run in my wife or my family and we both received the vaccine and had a child born with CF two years later.