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Is Canada's Flu Season Getting Progressively Worse?

Adjusting Perspective on the Trends of Illness

Pharmacies are stocking the shelves with tissue and advertising appointments for shots, making it painfully clear that the flu season is upon us once more. This dreaded season has hit Canada early and hard this year, leaving many people wondering whether or not the flu is getting progressively worse in Canada and in some parts of Europe. In order to answer this question, residents must look at the big picture and not simply rely on recent memory.

The Numbers are Going Up

Central Canada has been hit especially hard, and the speculation as to whether the worst of the illness is still in the future is still inconclusive, according to the Public Health Agency of Canada. Quebec and Ontario were the areas that suffered from the highest number of cases and most severe outbreaks. The numbers are what have residents worried. Cases confirmed in labs reflect numbers in excess of 3,000 cases. The number only reached just over 1,800 cases in 2011. Prior to that year, the number was only 109. There see (Read More)....

The Flu And What To Do About It

Authored By Dave Webb

The planet is going through cycles. The current cycle is a Flu Virus running wild through our entire society. Good for the drug companies, bad for the rest of us. The Flu Shots do not actually do any good against these current cycles of bugs because there are much more than one variety of viruses.

The common cold is a virus. It probably has up to 400 varieties out there. No one that I know of has a vaccination for the common cold. Though we do have one for pneumonia. I recommend the pneumonia vaccination. Most of the rest I think are a waste of time and money. Though it might become mandatory to have one soon. Line up and get your shot of mercury compound! Then we wonder why our people out there are going crazy.

The problem as I see it is our natural order of control is all messed up. Nature has a balance set up. I think(just my opinion of course) that bacteria eat viruses. We have as a world severely limited bacteria with antibiotics. So the very thing that keeps viruses in check, has been limited by the drug companies. Viruses change. Each generation of viruses is different. They are literally hundreds of times smaller than bacteria. No antibiotic out there has any effect on viruses. A virus can live outside a host for at least 4 (Read More)....

How Maintaining Your Furnace Can Help Keep Sickness at Bay

Your house could be making you sick. Your head hurts, your throat is sore, your eyes itch, and you feel like you have a cold or the flu. Maybe it’s time to check that dirty furnace?

During the winter, people want their homes to stay as cozy as possible, so they seal the warm air in tightly. It’s like living inside a bubble. You want the air circulating inside your home to be safe and clean, but if your furnace is dirty or doesn’t work properly, you could be creating an atmosphere of dangerous toxins.

What’s making you sick?

Your furnace contains a filter to trap dirt, allergens, pollen, spores, and whatever else might be floating around in the air. These toxic and dangerous airborne particles can turn your filter into a breeding ground for disease if the filter is not changed on a regular basis.

And if you or others in your home just got over a bout with the flu, then those germs are also stuck in your filter. The air coming out of your vents could be filled with germs and invisible hazards. It’s no wonder you feel sick.

Air cannot properly circulate through a dirty filter. You may be depriving your home of precious oxygen needed to make your body work properly. A lack of oxygen can give you headaches and make you feel worn-out and tired.

Another point to remember is some furnaces are (Read More)....

Expert Advice On Avoiding The Flu This Winter

Guest Post Grace Kelly

As winter approaches, flu season will soon be in full swing. While most people recover from the flu in about a week, others can develop complications that may result in hospitalization and even death. It's important to take steps each flu season to prevent contracting this potentially dangerous illness, as well as protect those around you from germs that cause the spread of the flu.

There's no mistaking the symptoms of the flu, which include body aches, fatigue, dizziness, chills, cough and a fever of at least 100 degrees Fahrenheit. If you experience these symptoms, your priority should be to stay in bed and recover fully before returning to school, work or other activities that could put others at risk for contracting the flu.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends several strategies for preventing contracting and spreading the flu. These strategies should be taken especially seriously by those likely to develop dangerous complications from the flu, including:

· Children younger than 5 and especially younger than 2 years of age
· Adults age 65 and older
· American indians and Alaskan Natives Alaskan
· Pregnant women
· People with athsma
· People with chronic lun (Read More)....

4 Flu Prevention Habits to Take Up Now

With flu season on the way and the possibility of infection by even more harmful strains, like H5N1, it’s time to get serious about preventing this potentially deadly disease. While most cases of the flu can be warded off with a good prescription, some strains are not so easy to beat. This reality is definitely a scary one, but it is good to know that the H5N1 virus is still, in fact, a flu virus and that the same methods for preventing the common flu can also work to prevent H5N1. Some of the simplest habits and changes to your daily routine can make a huge difference when it comes to flu prevention. Read on for the top changes you can make to reduce your risk of getting the flu this season:

1. Get your 8 hours.

When you hear people saying they need to get their “beauty rest,” be warned that this popular phrase does stem from a real dose of truth. Sleep is one of the fundamental things all humans need to stay healthy. During our sleep cycles, the body repairs itself, re-stabilizes, and works to fight off disease and other foreign bodies. As flu season approaches, the absolute most important thing you can do to fend off the virus is to get enough sleep well beforehand. We all make the mistake of thinking that we simply don’t have enough time to get sleep. This could not be further from the truth. Simply g (Read More)....