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Double Barrel Defense from the Collapsing Dollar

The Flu And What To Do About It

Authored By Dave Webb

The planet is going through cycles. The current cycle is a Flu Virus running wild through our entire society. Good for the drug companies, bad for the rest of us. The Flu Shots do not actually do any good against these current cycles of bugs because there are much more than one variety of viruses.

The common cold is a virus. It probably has up to 400 varieties out there. No one that I know of has a vaccination for the common cold. Though we do have one for pneumonia. I recommend the pneumonia vaccination. Most of the rest I think are a waste of time and money. Though it might become mandatory to have one soon. Line up and get your shot of mercury compound! Then we wonder why our people out there are going crazy.

The problem as I see it is our natural order of control is all messed up. Nature has a balance set up. I think(just my opinion of course) that bacteria eat viruses. We have as a world severely limited bacteria with antibiotics. So the very thing that keeps viruses in check, has been limited by the drug companies. Viruses change. Each generation of viruses is different. They are literally hundreds of times smaller than bacteria. No antibiotic out there has any effect on viruses. A virus can live outside a host for at least 4 (Read More)....