Take The Swine Flu Vaccine Or You’re Fired

swine flu vaccine requiredmandatory swine flu vaccineDid that headline get your attention?  It should, because as shocking as it sounds, that is exactly what employees at some hospitals around the United States are now being told.  Now employees at these hospitals will be forced to choose between their job and taking the swine flu vaccine. 

What would you do if you were forced to choose between your job and taking the swine flu vaccine against your will?

In an economy such as this, it can be a heart-wrenching decision.

In New York, health care workers who refuse to take the swine flu vaccine will not be able to work anywhere else in the state due to a new regulation requiring workers there to take the swine flu vaccine. 

According to New York state health department spokeswoman Claire Pospisil, the new regulation, which took effect on August 13th, requires all hospitals and health care facilities to provide proof that all of their workers are vaccinated for the swine flu.  If they cannot provide such proof by the deadline, these institutions will face fines of $2,000 for the first offense and up to $5,000 for subsequent offenses.

This new policy is causing a lot of controversy in cities such as Albany, New York where about 25,000 hospital and health facility employees will be affected.  Not only will doctors and nurses be forced to get swine flu injections, but also janitors and food service workers will be forced to comply or will be faced with termination.

St. Peter's Hospital spokesman Elmer Streeter was very clear about what this new policy means for their employees:

"We will be requiring it of all our employees as a condition of employment."

Some hospital employees in Charleston, West Virginia are facing a similar situation.  While a decision is still being made whether or not the swine flu vaccine will be required this year, employees at Charleston Area Medical Center are being forced to get seasonal flu shots this year by December 15th or they will be fired.

CAMC Director of Epidemiology Terrie Lee told the media the following about this new policy:

"Our board of trustees and administrators had been discussing this for a couple years. We decided this year to make it a mandatory process for all of our employees."

So will more hospitals adopt similar guidelines?  Will tens of thousands of doctors and nurses across the United States be forced to choose between their careers and taking the swine flu vaccine?


You see, the U.S. government realizes that it would be a mistake for them to directly force the American people to take the swine flu vaccine.  Just today, Barack Obama said that the U.S. government will only "strongly recommend" that Americans take the swine flu vaccine. 

Instead, it is likely that the U.S. government and world health authorities will start to put pressure on employers and schools to come up with their own mandatory regulations.

So while other countries around the world are forcing their citizens to take the swine flu shot, in the United States you are likely to be required to take the vaccine by your employer or by your school.

So what would you do in such a case?

Would you quit your job just to avoid the vaccine?

Would you quit school to avoid it?

Or would you take the swine flu vaccine and risk being killed or crippled for life as thousands of Americans were after taking the swine flu vaccine in 1976?

A lot of Americans are going to be faced with some really tough choices in the coming months.

Meanwhile, a shocking "facility quarantine order" document for swine flu victims has been discovered on the Internet.  This document from the Iowa department of public health is meant to inform swine flu victims that they are to leave their homes and be quarantined in a government facility.  This form contains stunning phrases such as "quarantine in your home and other less restrictive alternatives are not acceptable".

Basically this form was prepared in the event that authorities decide that it is time to forcibly relocate swine flu victims from their homes to a government detention center.

Do you find all of this chilling?

You should.

Let us hope that these moves towards mandatory vaccinations and forced quarantines do not go any further.  So far the swine flu has only killed a few hundred people around the globe and the massive overreaction by authorities to this disease seemingly makes no sense at this point.

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  • Beth

    I am a RN working in a hospital and my employer (HCA)has basically mandated that the regular flu and swine flu vaccines are required – the only excepts are egg allergy, history of Guillan Barre or “religious objections”. Individuals who do not take the flu vaccines MUST wear a surgical mask for six consecutive months.

    I had the swine flu this past April – still HAVE to take the vaccine (one I object because it has not been adequately tested). I intend to take the vaccine to salvage my job, but on the form I have to sign, I have every intention of stating my signature was done “under duress”. I don’t know if this will afford me legal action should the vaccine be found to cause serious and deadly side effects.

    By the way, I take the regular flu shot every season – and I still get the flu and then a write up for calling in. I have every intention, should I get the flu, to continue to work, again, to salvage my job. Such a sad situation.

  • me

    I too am an HCA employee and have just recently been told of the new policy. I am wondering what the benefit is to the hospital by having all employees vaccinated.

  • mad max

    the problems never the solutions

  • NWO trash

    WAKE UP PEOPLE! This is modern day Nazi Germany we are living in. Do not take the poison. You can fight it. Demand the ‘regulation’ that states you have to take this shot or threaten them with a lawsuit.

  • http://www.UpperCervicalCare.com Dr Holistic

    Why have we given up the liberty of our body to be TESTED with a DANGEROUS and LIFE-THREATENING POISON? Did you know that testing within clinical controlled research environments is not something that exists anymore!? Testing is now being done to the GENERAL POPULATION. This is why it is becoming MANDATORY to consume this POISON. The are no research volunteers anymore…they all died! So the Center for Disease Control has now started with their own- medical doctors and associated staff. If they survive then its time to start with their patients. If they survive then it is spread all oevr the country. No wonder MD’s DO NOT WANT TO take this vaccination or even have their family take it. That should speak for itself. WAKE UP AMERICANS! We are being tested upon like mere cattle. I am a proponent of CHOICE, no mandatory innoculations. If this is allowed to continue you will see within the next 3-5 years a national arena that mimics that of Nazi Germany. Dont say you were not warned. Ignorance is NO LONGER an option. EDUCATE before you vaccinate!

  • Screw HCA

    I WAS an HCA employee in Kansas until today. I refuse to take a vaccine that has not only not been adequately tested, but one that the government is pushing so hard makes me leery of what’s in it. I refused to wear a mask for 6 months and so I found another job within a week at a private clinic and am glad to leave the BS of HCA behind! NO ONE will tell me what I have to do with my body. There are ALWAYS options! Especially if you’re an RN, you can find a job anywhere!!

  • carolyn

    i frequently work HCA hospitals, am in a high risk group -over 50yo-an RN who never takes “flu” shots and have never hAD THE “FLU”. i READ ONLINE ABOUT AM MEETING IN mINNEAPOLIS WHERE IT WAS DETERINED THAT THE MAIN REASON EMPLOYERS ARE REQUIRING FLU SHOTS IS TO AVOID ‘ABSENTEEISM. so we can nurse those who for whatever reason come down with flu?? BULL—-

  • losing a good Job

    I don’t feel right about being told I have to inject my body with anything that isn’t saving my life. I’m confused due to the fact I was just hired in April and at that time it was an option now they want to force me. I really like where I work but not to the extent of losing the right to make my own decisions. Everyone who comes to where I work has rights, but not the people who work there. Freedom Ha what a JOKE! Slowly but surely you and I will have no say in anything even our own bodies.

  • lw

    I totally agree with the above statements. I am a nurse working in a michigan hospital. We were told we had to wear a mask from Oct to April if we didn’t receive the vaccine. Mask’s actually work for approx 15 min. So explain to me how this is going to prevent us from catching or spreading the swine flu germ. I have been a health care worker for 35 yrs. I take very good care of myself with a very healthy diet and exercise. The only med I take is a vitamin. My husband is following the same life style. Isn’t it amazing we are both healthy and not taking any meds. I have never received a vaccine for any kind of flu and have had the flu 3 times in 20 yrs. I refuse to put any foreign substance into my body developed by a pharmacutical company. A healthy lifestyle is what the government should be focusing on. Not forcing us to put more drugs into our bodies without knowing all the side effects.

  • WyndStarr

    I’m also an HCA employee – with very limited patient contact. I’m an office worker…not a nurse…and I’m still being forced to take the vaccine or wear a mask. This is ridiculous!! Today I turned down the vaccine; I also refused to sign their declination form that stated I ‘voluntarily’ agreed to terminate my job if caught not wearing a mask. No-one has the right to tell me what I have to do with my body. When HCA can provide me with a signed statement telling me that they will take FULL responsibility for whatever happens to me because of the shot…perhaps then I will reconsider accepting it.

  • Alan

    I am an RN at an HCA hospital as well. I refused the flu shot and went down to the pharmacy to find out what is in the shot. I found that a strain of H1N1 is in Flulaval, the vaccine that the hospital is using. I then let fellow employees and my nurse manager know about this. They were stirred, but not to action. I will have to wear a mask for refusing the shot.

  • greg

    This is the start of the end when they mandate a untested vaccine obama received alot of money from medical companys during his run now we pay with blood

  • Renisha

    No you cannot sue the drug companies – they are protected. If the WHO declares a level 6 pandemic, then it can be forced by govt. Please check out http://www.theflucase.com – find another job it’s easier.

  • Rian

    This is so stupid! I’ve had the swine flu and it’s nowhere near as bad as a regular flu. Of course, it wasn’t a cake walk and even after 11 days I’m still not back to 100%, but still… why are they making such a big damn deal about it? Grrr, so frustrating, MSM loves to brainwash everyone with such fear. This vaccine nonsense is so pathetic and makes me ashamed to be a human being sometimes.

  • http://www.lawfirms.com/pig-flu-employment.html Chelsey Langan

    I just wrote an article about this same thing. I really wish employers would be a more flexible with their staff over this flu.


  • Mass RN

    Seriously.. all nurses and healthcare workers, secretaries, janitors, etc.. need to take a stand and show some guts.. if all healthcare workers united and fought this they would back off in a heartbeat.. they have the economy on their side and everyone is so compliant.. this USED to be America.. land of freedom, free will, free choice! Has everyone given up on that concept??? DON’T TAKE THE SHOT.. just based on the principle alone! Stand up for your rights.. our government, media, bosses, etc.. feed us information they want us to know.. period… this is about money.. maybe I’ll go live with the illegals so I can get free food, free healthcare, free rent, etc.. we treat them better than hard working americans.. I’ve risked my life for the good of others working as a nurse and this is the thanks I get in the end?? get a shot or be fired???? What ever happened to the backbone of America.. all of what our parents fought for with labor unions and rights.. we just threw it all out the window by allowing our employers to control us! Wake up! what’s next??

  • Steph=P

    I agree with every one above me. DONT TAKE THE SHOT!!!

    “Seriously.. all nurses and healthcare workers, secretaries, janitors, etc.. need to take a stand and show some guts.. if all healthcare workers united and fought this they would back off in a heartbeat.. they have the economy on their side and everyone is so compliant.. this USED to be America.. land of freedom, free will, free choice! Has everyone given up on that concept??? DON’T TAKE THE SHOT.. just based on the principle alone! Stand up for your rights.. our government, media, bosses, etc.. feed us information they want us to know.. period… this is about money.. maybe I’ll go live with the illegals so I can get free food, free healthcare, free rent, etc.. we treat them better than hard working americans.. I’ve risked my life for the good of others working as a nurse and this is the thanks I get in the end?? get a shot or be fired???? What ever happened to the backbone of America.. all of what our parents fought for with labor unions and rights.. we just threw it all out the window by allowing our employers to control us! Wake up! what’s next??” -Mass RN
    I think that you guys shouldnt take the shot, read what everyone else said and Mass RN

  • http://birdflupandemic sue roman

    I will probably lose my job tomorrow, I work in an Independent facility which also has Assisted Living, and Nursing Home attached. I can no longer wear the mask while I work, it is affecting me physically as I am a waitress, and it is very hard to breath. It is frustrating, because I feel I have no rights. I have never taken the flu shot and chose to take care of myself.

    Any suggestions or any good lawyers out there?

  • Cynthia L. Brognano RN, BSN

    The question is – do we have sovereignty over our bodies or not? And if not, under what authority does the government claim ownership?

  • Lori

    I work for a hospital had to get the combo H1N1 / flu shot last year or loose my job. I am an AT HOME MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTIONIST. I don’t even set foot in the hospital and I was made to get the shot.

  • kathy, S

    I am an RN in Missouri, same thing here. Policy came out last week take the flu shot or no job. I’ve been through the extreme weekness, couldn’t use my arms, barely able to walk, still drop things unexpectedly, the swollen tongue, lips, swollen throat. Not gonna happen again. Won’t be working after Nov. 1. I take Acidophylis daily and haven’t had a cold, flu or anything else in 5 years and not before either. Sounds like Nazi’s to me. I too feel like my rights went down the toilet.

  • jim beker

    All NHCL personnel including: active duty, DoD civilians, contract personnel, employee affiliates (such as MCCS and eatery personnel), and volunteers are REQUIRED (Per NAVHOSPINSTCAMLEJ 6230.1) to get the influenza vaccine as a condition of their employment as well as to protect our patients from influenza. Those who believe they warrant exemption must provide documentation per this instruction.
    Help how do I have authority to say NO

  • I-R8-RN


  • Dreven

    I work for Aria Health in Philadelphia Pa and they just came out with the same policy “get it or you’re fired!” I don’t want this crap, where are my rights?? I’m being told that I’ll be given 2 weeks with out pay to “think about it” and after that no shot you’re fired. I haven’t got the “flu vaccine” in 10 years 11 years ago I got the shot and was sick as hell for a week! I don’t want to make waves I just want to do my job without being forced to be injected with poison??

  • Unwilling party

    I do not understand why everyone (government, healthcare, etc.) is so pushy with this vaccination. The hospital I work at requires everyone to get a flu vaccine. We do not get a choice of wearing a mask unless we have religious beliefs or a history of Guillian Barre. The nurses giving out the vaccine have a script they follow and do not answer with their honest facts or opinions. I feel it goes against some sort of civil right we have as citizens of the USA. In this economy most have no choice but to get vaccinated. Jobs are really hard to come by. The only option we have is when we sign our name to write how we really feel and state that I am in good health and am doing this under duress.

  • Kat

    Someone needs to follow the money trail. Are hospitals getting gov money to push shots. How much. We need a class action law suit or 2 and the communism will stop. I will leave health care if need be and go on welfare I can learn to be lazy and unemployed.

  • Regal

    They are starting to push this crap in southern hospitals. All we hear are patients rights-so much that we can’t do our jobs as it needs to be done. But we are being told mandatory flu vaccinations. I am 51 years old and rarely call in. Maybe have had 2 sick days last year and it was a Sinus infection. Been nursing for 23 years. Where are OUR RIGHTS? If we tried to force a vaccine on a pt we would be under the courthouse. I wish I had never chose this career.

  • medic in pa

    I also am in pa and the hospital like aria is mandate it. I filed a request to not vaccinate and denied it I will appeal again.They said the shot doesn’t have mercury or any cancer causing agents or aborted fetus tissue. I know I will call stark and stark before i get the shot. Its poison and I am no guinea pig. I eat totally organic and I cannot afford to lose me job either but I still have rights. If something happen and i get ill at all I will try a landmark case to sue. My wife won a mold case that no one had before that made her and her children ill. It’s sad doctors nurses and medic have no rights.

  • real nurse

    we nurses and health workers need to take action, there no evidence that flu is transmitted from patients in hospitals through nurses or health workers, this is a community transmitted disease, i challenge all who are forcing this, show me the proof, show me the effectiveness, quaranty me that if i take the vaccine i will not get the flu or carry it? again show me the proof.
    my advice to all of you refuse the vaccine and wear a mask all six months, i wonder what the managers of these hospitals well feel if most of thier workers are wearing masks or what thier patients will think of them?

  • gayle rosenblatt

    concerned nurse:
    I am a nurse who is being forced to wear a mask for 4 straight months at work. I cannot take the flu shot due to severe allergy. while working I feel ostrasized by peers and those I am caring for. The research I have done does not demonstrate that I am a danger to my patients by not wearing a mask. Where is the data that nurses are a definite link of patients acquiring the flu from their nurse. Washing your hands are the key to stop transmission. Help !!!!

  • Michael Ortiz

    In response to Jim Becker’s request on September 27th; you do have a right…it’s called file an official grievance with Union Representation. It’s my understanding that one main Director is forcing the wearing of masks and not others for those who haven’t received the vaccination. See your Union representative for help!!!

  • Nutter

    I am not in direct patient contact at a hospital but there is now a policy stating that if I do not get a flu shot then I have to wear a mask. I work in an office located in an administrative wing and seldom see patients until I walk to my car and have to pass them as they’re smoking on hospital grounds.

    Personally, I find the policy humiliating, as it will single me out as being either sick or not able to have the shot. How is this not a privacy violation in and of itself? I’ve been with the same employer for nearly a decade and happy in my job – I love my work – but I find the policy to be punitive, insufferable, and thoughtless of the moral and ethical dilemmas it will create for the employees who cannot or will not, because of whatever reasons; spiritual or physical, that they may have. I am heartbroken to think that I may have to leave my job because of this issue and feel I’m being treated like a nutter for not taking the shot and feeling strongly about this change in policy.

  • Suprisedbyignorance

    I think those who have commented before are really crazy. Read the science, you should be ashamed to call yourself healthcare workers and not get vaccinated to protect your patients. Give up the conspiracy theories, this is a patient safety issue and an issue to protect other co-workers. Do you also refuse your mandatory PPD tests? Read the SHEA, CDC, APCI, AHA, APA, etc recommendations and studies. Influenza is the 6th leading cause of death in this country. Grow up

  • Brandi

    I have been informed today that if I do not take this vaccine I will not be allowed to come to work as of Monday, and I will be terminated. I work for a hospital in NC in a non patient contact position. I have a severe allergy to eggs, but I do not have a primary care physician because I do not have health insurance so I have no one to write me an exemption letter. I am only part-time and cannot afford to persue this matter. I am forced to risk my health and my life in order to save my job. IS THIS NAZI GERMANY ?????? Is there an organized group with a legal consult who will take our cases to a federal court to stop this insanity!!

  • notignorant

    People are not crazy “as someone stated “. All american citizens have rights. Many would not mind taking a flu shot or a swine flu shot if they knew they were tested and very safe. <Meaning no harmful chemicals such as mercury, aluminum and many other toxic chemicals. Many people are very ignorant of these shots and believe our government wouldn't allow us to be injected with something that would harm us – that is the farthest from the truth. It's all about money and greed. Many americans are injured severely from these vaccines – it's not on the front page of your newspaper. We have enough health issues in todays world besides injecting our bodies with very toxic ingredients that go straight to the brain and collect there over the years which can cause some serious health problems. Get smart and do some of your own research because they don't want you to know what's really in these shots and that they're not safe. It's a money making business and the pharmecutical company's are basically controlling what goes into your body – at least trying to thru lobbyist, our government and so on. We can control what goes into our body. Get smart don't be so ignorant they don't care about us!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://NA Roger

    If you don’t want it, do not get it. As a pharmacist, I am familiar with the adverse effects of many drugs, including vaccinations. No job or paycheck is worth spending the rest of my life unable to walk and function like a normal human being. The risk is 1 in a million. Just hope you are not that 1. People need to re-discover their balls and backbones and realize we are free-thinking human beings, not sheep.

  • Angela

    It is now 2012 , and it is mandatory in the state of NY and GA to have mandatory flu shots for health care workers. Wow, is this still America? The vaccine hasn’t been out long enough to test long term side effects. I get so upset when I see people giving their children this shot. Im not anti-government but this is going too far….

  • linda

    my hospital is forcing me to get the flu vac or wear a scarlet letter telling everyone i am unclean… IF i do take the vac… i will also sign the permission with a note stating i am under duress ( and threat of loosing my job) to take this vac and if i should come down with the flu or gb disease it is the hopitals responsibility to care for me under these conditions and for the rest of my life if i get gb disease… it is an on the job injury… thank you