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Top 10 Tips for Staying Healthy While on Vacation

You’re finally going on that dream vacation. You packed your bags, booked your room, and bought your tickets. Don’t let illness keep you from having the time of your life. Whether you’re staying in a tropical Waikiki hotel or hiking the temple ruins in Mexico, make sure you plan ahead to stay healthy on your vacation.

Take Vitamins

Before you embark on your quest, start supplementing your diet with immune-boosting vitamins. Health gurus suggest taking B12, iron, and Vitamin C before you go on a vacation. Be sure to start early since these supplements take a few weeks to begin protecting your body from illness. Always check with your doctor before beginning any new vitamin regimen.

Don’t Drink the Water

You’ve heard it before—don’t drink the water! It’s true no matter where you go. Stick to bottled water and say no to ice while traveling. Some water systems are contaminated, and some can be hard on your stomach and intestines.

Get Outdoors

Always try to plan some outdoor activities during your vacation. The fresh air can do wonders for your health. Sitting in a hotel and breathing in the same recycled air can make you sick quickly.

Sleep In

Sure you’re on vacation and you can do whatever you want, but don’t forget to get some sleep. Make sure you have a few days on your trip where you can turn in early or sleep late. The extra rest will help keep your body healthy.

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Wash Up

Staying clean is an important part of staying healthy. There is no telling how many people touched the furniture, door knobs, or chairs in your hotel. Carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer and wash your hands throughout the day. Be sure to shower regularly, too.

Wear Sunscreen

If you plan to hit the beach or hit the slopes, be sure to use sunscreen. Sunburns can make you feel like you have the flu and ruin the rest of your vacation.

Get Your Shots

It’s always important to check with your doctor about global health warnings before you travel. Make sure your immunizations are current, and ask your doctor about any flu outbreaks you should be aware of before you travel.

Stay Away from the Road

Roadside food vendors may be popular where you are going, but it’s important to remember that foreign countries have different standards of cleanliness for roadside food vendors. It’s better to stay healthy than risk eating tainted food. Stick to clean restaurants during your trip.

Do Laundry

Wearing clean clothes will also keep you healthy on your trip. Your clothes attract germs and bacteria. Wearing the same clothes the entire vacation may prove to be convenient, but it’s not healthy.

Pack Snacks

Find room in your luggage to stow a few small bags of dried fruit and unsalted nuts. These snacks will help keep your bowels regular and will also steer your hungry stomach away from the unhealthy vending machines down the hall.

Have Fun

Now that you have armed yourself with these tips to keep you healthy on vacation, be ready to have fun. Vacation is always so much better when you are not stuck in your hotel room sick.

Kim Wade is a freelance writer who writes about motherhood, blogging, and travel.

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