Troubling Reports Out Of Iowa And North Carolina Raise Fears That Deadly H1N1 Swine Flu Mutations Have Already Reached The United States

H1N1 swine flu mutationH1N1 flu mutation alertNew reports from Iowa and North Carolina are raising concerns that the deadly H1N1 swine flu mutations that have been confirmed by the WHO in Ukraine, Norway and elsewhere have already reached the United States.  In Iowa, a report that doctors are seeing "very heavy, wet hemorrhagic lungs, lungs with a lot of blood in them" in H1N1 patients is creating concerns among health experts that the deadly Ukraine H1N1 has already spread there.  In addition, a report of Tamiflu-resistant H1N1 swine flu in North Carolina is raising questions about the ability of medical authorities to combat H1N1 if thousands of people do start dying.  If deadly H1N1 swine flu mutations have already reached the United States, what does that mean?  Doctors in Ukraine have been reporting that victims of H1N1 there are experiencing violent hemorrhaging in their lungs. As the patients near death, their lungs reportedly become as "black as charcoal" and literally begin to disintegrate.  Will this start happening soon inside the U.S.?

The news report causing the most concern today is the one about H1N1 patients in Iowa.  Commenting on a dramatic spike in H1N1 deaths in Iowa, Dr. Gregory Schmunk told KCCI news that what doctors there are seeing "is very heavy, wet hemorrhagic lungs, lungs with a lot of blood in them."

Hemorrhagic lungs that are filled with blood?

That sounds precisely like what is taking place in Ukraine.

Last week, the WHO confirmed that an H1N1 mutation had been discovered in Ukraine. This H1N1 mutation involved a receptor binding domain change, and it is apparently causing the H1N1 virus to become much more virulent.

Just like the new report in Iowa, many victims of H1N1 in Ukraine have been experiencing violent hemorrhaging in the lungs.  Temperatures inside the lungs of patients in Ukraine have been reported to be as high as 135 degrees Fahrenheit.  As the patient near death, the lungs turn to mush and literally become as black as charcoal.

In fact, one doctor in Western Ukraine was quoted as saying the following about what is happening to the lungs of these patients.....

"We have carried out post mortems on two victims and found their lungs are as black as charcoal. They look like they have been burned. It’s terrifying."

If that wasn't bad enough, the WHO has now confirmed that the same H1N1 mutation has shown up in Norway.

Norway's Institute of Public Health has released a statement in which they announced that this mutation "could possibly...cause more severe disease" because it apparently infects tissue deeper in the airway than usual.

Not only that, but today Hong Kong's Department of Health has confirmed that it has found the same mutation in a H1N1 flu virus sample as the one detected in Norway recently.

Hong Kong is on the other side of the world from Ukraine and Norway. 

What in the world is going on?

Nobody knows for sure, but the truth is that the increasing similarities between the current H1N1 outbreak and the 1918 "Spanish flu" outbreak are becoming too striking to ignore.

Firstly, both the current outbreak and the 1918 Spanish flu are from the H1N1 family.

Secondly, both the current outbreak and the 1918 Spanish flu have the same mutation that is currently being reported in Ukraine, Norway and Hong Kong.

Thirdly, the hemorrhagic deaths that victims are experiencing in Ukraine closely mirror the kind of deaths experienced by victims of the 1918 Spanish flu.  Just consider the following description of 1918 Spanish flu deaths from Wikipedia.....

"One of the most striking of the complications was hemorrhage from mucous membranes, especially from the nose, stomach, and intestine. Bleeding from the ears and petechial hemorrhages in the skin also occurred."  The majority of deaths were from bacterial pneumonia, a secondary infection caused by influenza, but the virus also killed people directly, causing massive hemorrhages and edema in the lung."

You would think this stunning information would be so important that the mainstream media would be all over it, but sadly that is not the case.  Instead they seem intent on covering the opening of the "New Moon" movie and whatever Barack Obama had for breakfast this morning.

But not only is the mutation discussed above a tremendous concern, but now there are confirmed reports that Tamiflu-resistant H1N1 is spreading.

Recently a Tamiflu-resistant strain of the H1N1 swine flu was reported to have been discovered in Wales, and now a Tamiflu-resistant cluster of the H1N1 swine flu has been reported in North Carolina.

However, medical authorities don't seem overly concerned.  Dr. Alicia Frye, epidemiologist in the CDC's flu division, said in a prepared statement that "at this time we don't have any information that should raise concerns for the general population."

If the best drugs medical authorities have will soon not work against H1N1, perhaps the public should be concerned.

Meanwhile the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention has announced that swine flu deaths in Europe are doubling every two weeks.

Swine flu deaths in Europe are doubling every two weeks?

Perhaps the mainstream media should start paying attention to this.

Posted below is one of the very few mainstream media video reports we have about the "black lung" flu that is ravaging Ukraine.....

All of this is happening at a time when environmental extremists are pushing the "overpopulation" myth harder than ever.  In fact, the United Nations Population Fund has just released its annual State of the World Population Report in which it openly calls for reducing world population growth as a way to combat climate change.  The reality is that if a deadly H1N1 mutation did kill tens of millions, many very sick environmental extremists would actually applaud.  Increasingly, many in the environmental community are viewing humanity itself as a "disease" that needs to be eradicated for the good of the earth.

Talk about a dangerous belief system.

If you have any additional intel on the spread of H1N1 mutations around the world please let us know.  As always, we invite your questions and comments.....

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  • OW

    WOW! That is mad. This is starting to look more and more like a staged release, and not a natural process. I am not into conspiracy theory, but they seem to be getting alot right. Just look at the Climate change hecked emails showing that it has not happened and that the earth is cooling down.

    I am starting to feel fearful for my family. Not myself if they are alright then so am I…

  • People Power Granny

    I’m an environmentalist, and you guys miss the point completely. Nature has its way of decreasing population if the species itself doesn’t do so. Perhaps this is nature’s way of doing that now. We are constantly in a battle of species against species and survival of the fitest. Look at what’s happening in the deer population. That species is experiencing Wasting Disease, which decreases the deer population in a gruesome way. Yet then there is more for the deers to eat and the species comes out of this epidemic as a stronger species because the weaker ones have died. I would hate to see this in the human species, but it could be happening. If we continue to overpopulate the world, nature will find a way to wipe out a few more of us than we would want….perhaps our children. I don’t want to see that happen.

  • ow

    look with all due respect to you people power granny, this flu looks more and more like climate change,manufactured by the powers the be. environmentalist have been had now and hopefully the flu can be caught and stopped…..

  • Sage

    PPG: don’t think this one is from Mother Nature. This one is coming to us courtesy of the Illuminati, who would love nothing more than to purge “their” planet of us “useless eaters.” We are taking up what they perceive to be their space; thus we have to go, and the sooner the better as far as they are concerned.

  • foolmeonce

    Of course its about depopulation. Al Gore, Maurice Strong, John P. Holdren, Club of Rome. It’s in their core beliefs. Depopulation and total control, welcome to the New World Order.

  • Susan

    Granny, the swine flu is man made, not created by nature. They combined avian, swine, and spanish flu from 1918 to make this.
    Scientists calculate the planet can comfortably hold twice what the population is now. So although I agree that nature controls its numbers, this is not the case here. This is the elite using the UN for a world government where they think there are too many of us. So we are being downsized, and not by nature, but by a small group of people. These mutations were planned intentionally.

  • Mav

    So People Power Granny why don’t you jump off a pile of tofu and then that will be one less mouth to feed, this is a bio-weapon, if you people can’t see that your a fool, when the bio-chemists are turning up dead all over the world, the Government are telling people they can’t have M291 and M295 Decon kits, and FEMA has been planing for this for over two years, you tell me what it is?

  • Cyrus

    If epidemic is ravaging Europe and infections at least double every week – why wouldn’t deaths also double? I appreaciate your reports, but panic and screams of “ALERT” when there is nothing unusual going on, is IMHO – disgusting.

  • micro man

    What we need here is a few more environmentalist to imagine that mother nature is struggling to create balance on the planet due to over population. What you are seeing is MAN MADE, do you get it? Maybe we should be more concerned about the level of ignorance in this country. Turn off your brain washing machine after the last episode of No Child Left With A Mind and see if you can make a better analigy of whats taking place around the world, maybe a few hints will help. The predicted killer flu outbrake was also tried in america in 1976, go read about it, here we are 30 years later and the powers that be have the weapon they didn’t have back then.

    Next: I don’t know, but do you think mother nature has something against the federal reserve as well? If there anything that needs to be controlled on this planet its fiat money. How about abortions, have we killed enough babys to please you so that you don’t run out of food or oxygen while your here on planet earth? Really, Just what do the ignorant think is taking place here in 2009? Good luck to all of you!

  • Simone

    It scares me.
    My children have an invitation for the H1N1 vaccin shot tomorrow.
    I wasn’t planning on going. But will this shot help against the mutated Swine Flu? Or will the shot make it worse?
    Any thoughts?

  • http://facebook Rolanda

    There is a barage of information about H1N1,its mutations and its relationship with other pathogens. All I can do as a nurse is share what I have observed in the intensive care units. Since 2006, I have observed for the first time, people in their 20′s who could not breathe on their own and became ventilator dependant. In most of these cases, they had both influenza and one or more bacterial infections which occasionally led to hemmorhages in the lungs. This is not unique to Ukraine or Norway. Most patients were smokers, some had asmtha, some had diabetes. As a nurse, I am usually able to shake off any bug I am exposed to; however, last year was the first time my family and I relaspsed with viral symptoms of the flu for a total of eight months. I received the usual flu vaccine but late due to illness. We ruled out whooping cough, TB,etc. We are experiecing more mutations associated with increased travel, young adults with increased substance abuse,and from young children who don’t do proper hand washing. I hope some of you will try to stop smoking during Thanksgiving and just take care of your bodies, mulch your leaves, don’t burn them, and use meticulous hand hygienne, teach your children please. Wear a mask during the holidays if you are very ill and attend a large family gathering. We can all be responsible, decrease our risk factors, and do our part to help one another.

  • Susan

    Simone, I hope you canceled that appointment, the vaccine WILL NOT HELP YOUR KIDS. It will hurt them, make them more susceptible to this mutation, possible give them Autism, asthma, nerve disorders. The only thing that WILL help your kids, is Vit D3 and Vit C. Please check out Dr. Mercola and Dr. Blalock to help you. If you already got the vaccine, check out Dr. Blalock’s “What to do if you are forced to take the vaccine” article, or something similar to that title.
    Cyrus, the deaths ARE doubling, re-read the article.

  • Hospitals Need Natural Antivirals!

    An over-reactive immune response (cytokine storm) in healthy people causes lung/organ failure and death. Natural anti-virals will save lives in any high-risk group. Antivirals lessen the amount of virus in the bloodstream, keep cytokine production down. Two supplements are easily tolerated, safe for children/ pregnant women with no toxicity, no virus resistance:

    –Resveratrol– Increased survival rates 40% in mice, cut virus in lungs by 98%. Liquid form is preferred. Hold a few tablespoons in the mouth for one minute then swallow. Repeat doses 2-3x daily (more often for serious cases) or take one 200 mg. capsule 2-3x daily. Use droppers for babies, young children.

    –N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)– Capsules can be opened on yogurt. Suggested doses: Adults–1200 mg, twice a day, children half that. Prescription-only inhalers MucoMyst or Mucosil contain NAC. Clinics and hospitals should stock up on these and administer preventively, before patients show lung involvement.

  • Mtn_Scout

    Is it any surprise IF it is bioengineered? Look where it came from. Soviet Russia had the largest small pox stock pile at the time, in addition they also tinkered with other nasties and had “volunters” test it. Some of these bugs can live for years in a corpse, especially in the tundra.
    For all we know, a local could have stumbled across a long forgotten corpse in a shallow grave and picked it up. Or it could have been released out of past vengence and it got out of hand.
    Its best to get all the information before jumping to conclusions.

  • Nancy

    Hello everyone! Has not one of you ever thought this is biblical — this is what happens when you take the name of god away!!!

  • Frank Gastner

    Yes it is scary! Reading the comments, that is. First the so-called liberal media was chastised by so called conservatives for over reacting to something no worse than regular flu. Now they are conspiring since they don’t publish anything about mutations. Mutations are a common occurance. We can only hope they stay localized and our much maligned drug industry can find sommething to cope with them. Remember it is almost impossible to develop a drug to prevent something until it occurs. Pray you are not among the first to succumb to a mutation.

  • Darrin

    The only thing you need to regulate the cytokine storm is plain old…..vitamin D3. You need 5,000iu’s per day. Check this out…..

  • Doug

    John 3:16

  • Rodney

    The CDC (Center for Disease Control) manufactured H1N1 as a test group scenario, data was collected regarding effectiveness and range, along with public perception of propaganda used to inspire immunization programs for public safety concerns. The global economy has become increasingly unstable, new security measures must be in place to ensure any large scale uprising does not take place and destablize political power. The CDC will then be tasked to produce a biological weapon to use at designated points across the globe if the threat of this nature is imminent. They will use this window of oppurtunity and international panic to impliment programs deemed necessary to restore the public trust such as implantable microchip technology to catalog those already vaccinated. Once a majority of the global populace has been implanted they will endorse a mandatory policy requiring all citizens to be implanted and a “cashless society” will be created overnight, and all citizens will be easily monitored, every facet of our lives will be accessible by the push of a button. Access to personal finances will be dependent on possession of this implant, any protest launched against government policies will no doubt result in deactivation of this microchip implant. The once fabled New World Order will become reality, a Global Government, under a global dictatorship. We are presently at war, H1N1 is the beginning of their campaign, they or the global elite will stop at nothing to ensure their power is not threatened, casualties are mounting, information is our only weapon against this tyranny. Trust no one, question everything.

  • Marvo76

    Granny, for your info, the CWD was induced into deer in captivity by feeding them with suppliments made from diseased sheep in the 50-60′s they escaped, carring the diesase (which mutated) with them. This was from a gvernment research facility out west ( CO I believe) crutchfield/jacob’s disease and mad cow are similar forms that attack the brain with Prions ( I hope I got all that right from memory) viral and bacterial plagues have ravaged populations for years, the black plauge in Europe, Blue tongue in Deer, ect. but they usually isolate the populations. It is only when there is contact with unexposed or conditioned subjects that pandemics run wild.
    Small pox brought to the americas devistated unprotected natives, Swine flu in Europe in WW 1 was due to poor conditions and folks brought in from far flung places in those conditions, allowing for a mutating of the various subtypes. In today’s jet age we can travel for hours and reach places that took weeks in earlier times, carring our unseen baggage. (Think SATS and LEGIONAIRES) even vaccines and antibiotics have taken their toll, depriving us of things that used to work but the viral/Bacterial stuff now is imunned to….

  • http://none sue

    everyone has the right to give thier opinion here without critisism. this is mine. i have kown since childhood that these things were coming upon the earth in our generation. i didnt know exactly what form they would take , but was taught from a child that it would happen. i cant say that i am not worried about it too because i am human. but i read the book. it tells of the plagues and pestilences that are to come upon the world .AND this is GLOBAL. you may say this is created by man yes it is because G-D always uses man to bring about his works and he warned that punishement would come upon the NATIONS that ignored him and wouldnt listen so they could escape his wrath. HE is sick of the things going on in the world and he said there would be wickedness in high places,such as… the the book of DANIEL AND ALSO REVELATION . THERE IS MORE TO COME. INCLUDING HIM. ALSO,WHY DO YOU THINK WE OVER 64 CANNOT GET THE VACCINE? BECAUSE WE ARE NO LONGER PROFITABLE TO THE GOVT. sorry about the caps. i am glad that g-d gave me the courage to post bbecause i know that many are persecuted for it. i love all of you and pray for all every night. MAY HE BLESS YOU and keep you all safe.

  • diane

    Been keeping up with this story for three weeks now.Do not let your children get the vaccine.’Baxter’labatory if you check the old news-really check—–Made up some bad batches of swine flu-which had bird flu in them.Please check before getting your children any kind of spray virus medicine. Also i have heard that the use of vitamin C make it worse. Weather or not baxter has full responsibility for what has happened is unknow-first reports out of the ukraine were that planes were leaving off some kind of gases. For how fast the infection started thier is of great concern to everyone. My plans are to find out anything that will help protect my children.So let’s get our minds together-for our childrens future.thanks diane

  • Lisa

    This is definitely a bio weapon! Jesus is coming soon! Please get yourself ready to meet your maker!!