CEO Compensation Issues – Never Will Be Settled

ceocomThe New York Times recently reported that Mr. Weill received over $1 billion during the last decade.

If it weren’t for the Times’ report, no one would know Mr. Weill’s true compensation, nor its significance. No Securities and Exchange Commission report or Citigroup annual report gives any hint of this billion-dollar compensation package. No official report compares this with corporate philanthropic giving; for example, Mr. Weill’s annual compensation has generally exceeded Citi’s corporate philanthropy by a ratio of three to one.

No official report provides any data on the ratio of Mr. Weill’s or any other CEO’s pay to that of the average American worker or a company’s average employee. At Citigroup, the CEO compensation package is generally in the area of 3,000 times that of the typical bank teller.…

Mapping From Space!

forestmapperForestMapper, a high-precision, airborne visible imaging system manufactured by Space Instruments, Inc. (Encinitas, CA), is hard at work sweeping across the South American sky, gathering digital data about the Amazon basin for Brazil’s national forest service, Instituto Brasileiro do Meio Ambiente e dos Recursos Naturais Renovaveis (IBAMA).

IBAMA employs images collected with ForestMapper to generate regional vegetation indices, study the ecological impact of pollution, track natural disasters such as floods and fires, and even pinpoint active sites of illegal logging operations that practice selective harvesting of high-value hardwood trees such as mahogany. In Brazil, for instance, the radiometric device is helping detect the unique spectral signatures of various forms of florae, as well as find the fresh skid trails of loggers.

ForestMapper incorporates a pair of high-speed MegaPlus 1.6i CCD